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Still want to learn more about identity theft?  There are courses available.  There are also careers available for identity theft protection if this is of interest to you.  Identity Theft Management Institute (IMI) offers a few courses, which are specific to this topic and for professionals looking to further their knowledge and/or their careers.

The Identity Theft Protection Industry

Information security and data protection are not old professions.  Privacy, identity theft protection and Internet security are still in the beginner stages as the crime continues to evolve.  Millions of people are made victims of identity theft yearly and is listed as the number one crime in the United States.  Companies and our government are looking for ways to confront identity theft as efficiently and as effectively as possible to protect customers, businesses and countries sensitive information.

About Identity Theft Management Institute

IMI is an international organization established in 2008 to help redefine and grow the identity management field with training and standards.  IMI has developed tools to support professionals manage identity risks and guide businesses through compliance and regulations.

IMI is the leading organization that supports the US government’s efforts for preventing identity theft with high-risk financial institutions and creditors.  IMI offers various programs and services to help affected companies

If you are looking for certification courses, IMI can help you achieve these goals.  There are free training videos available along with other course materials developed by experts.

Identity Theft Courses Available

  • Certified Identity Protection Advisor (CIPA) – These professionals can educate, lead and support customers to prevent or identify theft quickly to lower fraud losses.  This professional is labeled as a customer-focused professional for businesses who deal directly with customers in an industry that is prone to identity theft.
  • Certified Red Flag Specialist (CRFS) – These professionals can help organizations detect signs of identity theft through red flags and prevent fraud to minimize losses, shield customers and stay within regulations for the business.  Large data breach incidents are becoming more common and the goal of this professional is to help identify and protect against these breaches before several customers are affected.
  • Certified In Data Protection (CDP) – Collecting personal information is a necessity for most businesses to conduct transactions.  CDP is a comprehensive protection training and certification program to protect any business using personal data and utilize the industry information security standards along with privacy laws.
  • Certified Identity and Security Technologist (CIST) – This designation is designed with technical leaders in mind who develop and implement identity management and security systems.  CIST professionals are highly technical experts with a vast knowledge of technologies in the industry and understand the needs of his/her industry.

These are a sampling of certifications available.  IMI can also customize training for your industry.

Want To Take A Test?

IMI offers free identity theft tests to offer you a grade of your knowledge. You may find you know a great deal or find you need to improve in other areas.

Another Website For Information

The identity theft awareness and education website offers hundreds of free and original identity theft management articles each month through the Internet, automated feeds, monthly newsletters, identity theft blog and referrals

This website supports the goals and efforts of the Identity Management Institute with online awareness, training and certification.

Additional Resources

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) also provides information at your disposal for personal theft and for business theft.

Visit, the federal government’s main resource to help you report and recover from identity theft.

In addition to this site, the FTC also offers additional resources meant to be shared with community, friends and family including:

Business Information From The FTC

Many companies keep sensitive information about customers or employees in their files or on their network. The FTC offers free data security resources to help businesses protect their customers and meet regulations and standards.

With all the resources available, you can surely educate yourself or your employees.  Knowledge is important and identity theft changes rapidly with new technology becoming available.  These are just a few of the websites available to offer information on identity theft.  Be sure to school yourself and your company before identity thieves school you.

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