Identity Guard Review – The Best Identity Theft Protection or Waste of Money?

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If you're looking for a comprehensive ID theft protection service that includes credit monitoring, public records monitoring, PC protection software, identity theft recovery assistance, lost wallet protection, and more - then Identity Guard may be exactly what you're looking for.

Feature Highlights​:

  • Daily credit score monitoring and monthly credit score updates.
  • Real-time alerts of any suspicious activity by email, SMS, or phone.
  • $1 Million in identity theft insurance and lost wallet protection.
  • Provides keystroke encryption, anti-virus, and password protection software.
  • Plans start at just $5 for the first 30 days.

Identity theft has been an issue as long as people have had identities. Unfortunately, technology has made identity theft more prevalent and damaging than ever before. About 12.7 million people were victims of identity theft in 2014 and had $16 billion dollars stolen from them.

Intersections Inc., the parent company that founded Identity Guard™, was created in 1996, making them one of the oldest – and most trusted – identity protection services available. While they provide protection to everyone, they are especially known for serving customers of major financial institutions. To date, they’ve helped protect the identities of over 36 million people.

How Does Identity Guard Work?

Identity Guard offers a three part system designed to provide comprehensive protection against identity theft as well as provide around-the-clock support from their team of experts. The plan is divided into the following parts:

Proactive Monitoring

Preventing identity theft is obviously a top priority of Identity Guard. They offer a few services to help keep your identity from falling into the wrong hands.

  • Credit Monitoring – Certain activity on your credit report will prompt an instant alert from Identity Guard. You can also view your report and score at any time through the Identity Guard member area
  • Identity Monitoring – Your personal information will be closely monitored across the internet, including your name, Social Security number, birthdate, and more.
  • Public Record Monitoring – You’ll receive four reports a year detailing the public information which is available on you. Identity Guard will let you know if anything seems out of place.
  • Prompt Alerts – When it comes to identity theft, every second matters. Identity Guard will contact you via phone call, text or email – whichever you prefer. You can also receive alerts anywhere you have internet access with Identity Guard’s mobile app. This is a great feature which really impressed us. Especially because mobile apps are not available from very many protection companies.

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Protection From Cyber Threats

Simply monitoring your information isn’t enough to stop identity theft. Identity Guard has a series of procedures and safeguards in order to keep your information secure and private. These include:

  • Anti-Virus software – Simple to operate but incredibly powerful, the unique ZoneAlarm™ Security Suite keeps your computer protected with anti-virus, anti-malware and other crimeware protection tools.
  • Password Protection – This feature combines security with convenience. You can store all your login and credit card information in the ID Vault. This allows you one-click access for online shopping, banking and other accounts while keeping your private information safe from thieves.
  • Keystroke Encryption – Malware can invade your computer and record your personal information. The PrivacyProtect™ tool hides your keystrokes from any type of recording, keeping information such as your passwords away from prying eyes.

ID Theft Recovery Assistance

Never trust a protection company which guarantees that identity theft will never happen. Instead, trust the company which has a plan in place in case it does. While the first two parts of Identity Guard’s system will help prevent the majority of problems, their Recover plan is in place just in case. The Recover plan includes:

  • Personal Recovery Assistance – If your identity is stolen, it can be difficult to know what to do. With just one phone call, you can instantly reach an Identity Guard support expert who will assist you with the entire process. He or she will help organize, understand and respond to the theft in the most efficient, effective way possible.
  • Identity Theft Insurance – Identity Guard will provide you with up to $1 million* to help cover any expenses related to identity theft. This includes attorneys, investigators and more.
  • Lost Wallet Protection – If your wallet or purse, or any of the important information contained within, is lost or stolen Identity Guard is there for you with their Lost Wallet Protection service. They’ll help you cancel cards, contact the appropriate legal and financial service and more. You can even access up to $2,000 in emergency cash from one of your accounts.

Cost of Identity Guard

Identity Guard offers 3 different plans to choose from, with each of them starting out at just $5 for the first 30 days.  After the trial period, the price is the following:

  • Essentials - $9.99 Per month
  • Total Protection - $19.99 Per Month
  • Platinum - $24.99 per month

The Essentials plan offers social security number monitoring, online “Black Market” monitoring, ID verification alerts, account takeover alerts, ID theft victim assistance, and lost wallet protection.

The Total Protection plan includes everything in the Essentials plan plus 3-bureau credit monitoring, quarterly credit score updates, anti-virus software, and keystroke encryption software.

The Platinum Plan offers everything available from the Total Protection plan with the main difference being that you'll get monthly credit score updates instead of quarterly.

Is Identity Guard Worth It?

Out of the 10 different identity theft protection programs we've reviewed, Identity Guard definitely stands out as one of the best.  With a comprehensive protection plan and over $1 Million in identity theft insurance, the decision to go with Identity Guard is a no-brainer. 

9.5 Total Score
Identity Guard

Identity Guard has redefined the standard for identity theft protection and prevention. Instant fraud alerts, proactive credit monitoring, and a $1,000,000 insurance policy are just a few of many features that make Identity Guard stand above its competitors.

  • Personalized privacy protection
  • Early detection and instant alerts
  • A suite of online privacy software included
  • $1 Million in identity theft insurance
  • Over 47 million consumers protected
  • No free trial

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