IdentityForce Review – The Good and The Bad


IdentityForce helps you protect what matters most by offering the best identity, privacy, and credit protection.  According to their web site, they've protected millions of people over the past 35 years and can do the same for you.

Feature Highlights​:

  • Daily monitoring of your identity, credit, and financial information.
  • Instant notifications so you can act before any damage is done.
  • 3-bureau credit score monitoring and credit reports.
  • Service includes over $1 Million in identity theft insurance.
  • Free 14-Day Trial

For an identity theft protection company, a good reputation is everything. One important aspect to a good reputation is longevity. If a company has been successfully safeguarding identities for many years, they’re usually worth your consideration.

IdentityForce has been in business for over 35 years. Located in Framingham, Massachusetts, they’ve continually been on the forefront of identity protection technology. They’re extremely focused on customer safety and satisfaction. In 2014 they were awarded the Parent Tested / Parent Approved Seal of Approval for their work in safeguarding families.

But aside from the awards and the longevity, how do their services work in the real world? Our complete review is below:

How Does IdentityForce Work?

IdentityForce monitors and secures private information for individuals, families, businesses and government agencies. They offer a full line of services including programs designed to help you if your identity is ever compromised.

Over 12.5 million people had their identities stolen in 2014 and that number will likely grow each year. Never trust a company which offers you a 100% guarantee against identity theft. That’s just not realistic. Instead, look for a company which will react quickly to any identity theft in order to minimize the damage as much as possible.

IdentityForce uses a four-part plan:


After you join IdentityForce, they’ll monitor your personal information across the entire internet. They’ll look for anyone using your name, address, social security number, medical records and any other type of information unique to you.

IdentityForce will visit websites others fear to tread. These so-called dark sites are the marketplace for stolen personal information. They’re hard to find and even harder to gain entry to, but that won’t stop IdentityForce. If any of your information is found posted on any of these sites, proper security protocols will immediately be implemented.

Why Wait?  Protect Your Identity Today


At the first sign of any suspicious activity involving your identity, you’ll be notified instantly. IdentityForce sends text message alerts so you can be reached anywhere at any time. Their policy is to always alert you at the first sign of trouble, even if the incident turns out to be harmless. Better to send a false alarm then no alarm at all.

Near the end of each month you’ll receive a detailed report from IdentityForce. This report includes an overview of the month’s activity including any alerts you received. You’ll also receive a helpful remind of all the member benefits you’re entitled to.

Finally, you’ll have unlimited access to the IdentityForce database. This is an easy-to-use source for the latest information from the world of identity theft protection. You can learn about any scams which are on the rise, any recent large-scale data breaches and more.


If your identity is ever stolen, you’re probably going to feel a bit confused about what to do. But with IdentityForce, you can let the experts take over. They’ll help you secure your credit and bank cards, lock down your credit and notify the proper authorities and institutions. Even if a thief manages to get your identity, you don’t have to worry – because IdentityForce will get your back.


The worst case scenario is that your identity is completely compromised and your assets are stolen. But even then, all is not lost. IdentityForce offers each subscriber a $1 million identity theft insurance policy. This money can be used to hire attorneys and private investigators as well as recover lost assets.

How Much Does it Cost?

IdentityForce UltraSecure is $12.95 a month or $129.50 annually. This includes all fraud alerts, monitoring and recovery services. We were pretty impressed with this price point as it’s certainly on the low end compared to similar services.

For an additional $2.75 a month (or $27.50 a year) you can add ChildWatch for one minor in your household. You can add as many additional children as you like for the same price. Considering child ID theft is one of the fastest-growing forms of ID theft, $2.75 a month seems like a great deal in order to keep your child’s credit safe.

IdentityForce Video​

Is IdentityForce Worth it?

We’ll be honest. The IdentityForce website is a bit on the no-frills side. But you don’t subscribe to a protection service because of their website, you subscribe because of the company’s reputation and expertise. And IdentityForce is one of the most well-respected and trusted names in the identity protection business.

Their four-point plan covers every aspect of identity theft from monitoring to recovery. Plus, their prices are very affordable. We recommend IdentityForce because we know your security will be in good hands.

Company Information

Corporate: 1-877-IDForce
Member Services: 1-877-694-3367

40 Speen Street
Suite 403
Framingham, MA 01701

9 Total Score

IdentityForce is ranked as one of the best identity theft protection services, and for good reason. Bank and credit card activity alerts, identity theft recovery assistance, and child identity theft protection are just a few of the features that make IdentityForce popular among consumers. With 3-bureau credit monitoring and a free 14-day trial, this service should be heavily considered.

  • 14 day free trial
  • Setup custom fraud alerts
  • Child ID theft protection
  • 3-bureau credit monitoring
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