ProtectMyID Review – Is This Identity Protection Company Right For You?

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ProtectMyID is a service by Experian that offers identity theft detection, protection, and resolution. But as you may have guessed, this service only monitors your Experian credit score and report, and neglects the other 2 major credit bureaus. Although this level of protection is better than nothing, it also leaves a lot to be desired.

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  • Instant alerts via email or text
  • Scans internet for stolen personal information
  • Change of address monitoring
  • Child identity theft protection is optional
  • Only monitors Experian credit report and score
  • Mixed reviews online about this service

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The threat of identity theft is no new phenomenon. Identities have been compromised and stolen for decades, but with the ubiquitous nature of technology and our constant use of digital processes, identity theft is at an all-time high. In the year 2014, a person fell victim to identity fraud every two seconds.

ProtectMyID is one of the leading service providers that specialize in identity theft and detection; this includes active monitoring of accounts and identity or fraud resolution if there is a breach. They pride themselves on providing the best protection against identity theft and the prevention of financial losses.

How Does ProtectMyID Work?

ProtectMyID offers a variety of services to help keep your private data safe and sound.


  • Credit Monitoring – ProtectMyID works directly with Experian to carefully monitor any changes that arise on your credit report. These changes are often the first indication that your identity has become compromised; this includes any inquiry on your credit, whether that’s pulling your credit score or applying for a credit card.
  • Public Record Monitoring – They also monitor pubic records and will flag any changes in your personal information that may indicate fraud.
  • Identity Monitoring – Whether someone is trying to apply for a credit card using your name, inquiring about specific accounts, or attempting to change your address an alert will be sent to the mainframe and you will be notified. Also includes birth date and phone number uses or changes as well.
  • Alert System – ProtectMyID sends alerts immediately when any activity is detected on your account. Whether that be after your personal information is compromised or your credit card is used. A fraud resolution specialist becomes readily available after the alert. ProtectMyID also sends an All Clear alert on a monthly basis when there hasn’t been any activity.

Preventative Measures

  • Educational material – ProtectMyID has many different methods to inform you of how to protect yourself and your information from identity thieves. There are numerous articles and blog posts including useful information on popular internet scams and how to ensure you keep all of your private information guarded and secure. This aspect isn’t necessarily something required for an identity theft program, but it certainly doesn’t hurt.


  • Dealing with Identity Theft – if your identity is stolen, you will automatically have access to a fraud resolution agent from ProtectMyID, who will work tirelessly to help you resolve the identity theft in an efficient and proper manner. All of the fraud resolution agents are trained and certified with the Fair Credit Reporting Act, which means they are all well versed in working with creditors to restore your credit.
  • Lost Wallet Protection – If your wallet or purse is lost or stolen, ProtectMyID will help to cancel all credit and debit cards quickly to protect your funds from identity thieves. ProtectMyID provides up to $1 million in product insurance that they can reimburse if banks and credit card companies are not responsible.

Mobile App

In the technological and information age, being able to accurately and seamlessly access your information is of paramount importance. This is why ProtectMyID offers an easily navigated mobile app that is available on iPhone, iPad and Android. You can view all new alerts, connect with fraud resolution specialists, and review your information.

Cost of ProtectMyID

ProtectMyID offers two subscription plans. They are:

  • Monthly: $15.95
  • Yearly: $159.95

Money Back Guarantee

To provide its customers with the best experience possible, ProtectMyID does offer a complete money back guarantee for the first 14 days. They believe that the best way to figure out whether a particular service is for you or not is to give it a try. So because of this money back guarantee, you can get a complete sense of whether or not ProtectMyID is the best company, and right choice, to protect your information.

Potential Drawbacks

  • Only Offers Experian report – ProtectMyID only allows you full access to your Experian report. It does fully monitor all of your other credit reports, but you won’t have full access to these reports without an additional fee.
  • Doesn’t Work With Mailing List Removal – sometimes identity thieves like to take over the snail mail sector. Unfortunately, they do not help with the removal of your name from mailing lists.

Is ProtectMyID Worth It?

For just $15.95, it’s worth a shot. Plus, in the event you aren’t entirely convinced, you can cancel your membership for a full refund of the purchase price if you are at all unsatisfied.

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