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TrustedID is a service by Equifax that offers both family and individual ID theft protection. Social security and public record monitoring are a couple of the main benefits of this service, as well as monitoring of Equifax credit reports and scores. This service offers free 14-day trials, followed by $12.99 per month for individual plans and $24.99 for family plans. Overall, a pretty well-rounded service, but not the cream of the crop.

  • Individual and family plans are available
  • Credit monitoring from all 3-major credit bureaus
  • Proactive SSN and public record monitoring
  • Lost wallet recovery assistance
  • Free 14-day trial
  • Doesn't include Experian or Transunion credit report monitoring


Based in Palo Alto, California, TrustedID provides identity theft protection for individuals, families and businesses across the U.S. Their services and prices are structured a little differently from many of the other ID protection companies out there. But considering how damaging identity theft can be, maybe a new way of looking at protection services is just what consumers need.

Is the TrustedID business model one which will work for you, your family or your business? Our complete review is below:

Key Features

TrustedID offers the full range of services you’d expect from an ID protection company including:

  • Public and private database monitoring
  • Black market monitoring (ensures your information isn’t for sale online)
  • 3-Bureau credit report
  • 3-Bureau credit score
  • Medical benefits protection
  • Social Security Number scanning
  • Name and address scanning
  • Protection against synthetic identity theft (where only some of your information is stolen)
  • “Lost Wallet” protection (if your wallet or purse is stolen or lost, one call handles everything)
  • Junk mail reduction
  • Facebook privacy monitoring

They divide their services into three separate areas:

  1. Individual services – As the name implies, this is the monitoring of just one person’s identity. This type of monitoring covers basically every aspect of one person’s identity from financials, social media presence and more.
  2. Family services – For just one flat rate you can cover your entire household including your spouse, children, parents and other family members. We found this to be a great option and one not offered by many other protection companies. With the ID theft of children on the rise, you can never be too careful when it comes to protecting your family.

All of the services offered in the family plan apply to the entire household except for the 3-Bureau Credit Report and the 3-Bureau Credit Score. Those specific services are limited to only two adults in the household. While we didn’t find this ideal, it’s certainly understandable since each bureau charges a fee for every report and score pulled.

  1. Business services – TrustedID also offers a variety of services for businesses both large and small. These include:
  • Data Breach Program – If your business has been subjected to a large-scale data breach, TrustedID can provide a fast response to help minimize the damage done and data loss. As these types of breaches become more and more common, businesses need to have a plan in place.
  • Employee Benefits Program – Offer identity protection to your employees as a benefit. The service can be billed either monthly or annually. These are especially important for many medical and tech companies.

How Much Does This Service Cost?

TrustedID does something a little different when it comes to pricing. Every plan they offer has a free 14-day trial. They’re one of the few companies out there to do this, and we really liked the ability to try before you buy. Note that you still have to provide payment information when you sign up and the responsibility is on you to cancel. But as long as you keep track of the 14 days, you’ll have no problems.

TrustedID offers the following pricing plans:

Family Plan

After the 14 day free trial, an Annual Subscription to the Family Plan is $240 per year (or $20 per month). A Monthly subscription to the Family Plan is $27.99. So, the longer you’re willing to commit to the service, the more you’ll save. The Annual Plan is 40% cheaper than the Monthly Plan.

Individual Plan

This plan also includes the 14 day free trial. Afterward, an annual subscription is $125 per year (which is $10.42 per month). A Monthly subscription is $14.99 a month. Like the Family Plan, the Annual plan offers a savings of 40% compared to the Monthly.

Any type of plan can be canceled at any time. Note that there are no partial monthly refunds, however.

Is TrustedID Worth It?

We really like the way TrustedID handles their service plans and billing. The family option is a great way to cover multiple people without having to pay for multiple subscription plans. Plus, the family plan is a great way to protect the credit of any minor children living in your household.

We also liked their business subscription plan. When protection companies can prevent large scale data breaches both businesses and customers win.  Also, we think their option to include identity protection as an employee benefit is both creative and useful.

Finally, this is one of the few companies to offer a free trial. They’re proud of their services and are completely willing to let customers check it out for themselves. This says a lot about the high quality reputation of TrustedID.

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